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Why Choose Us

Innovative Take/Products

While the paint and sip industry has gained popularity over the years, "Pour Your Own Epoxy" franchises offer a refreshing twist by introducing epoxy resin as the primary medium of artistic expression.

The tactile nature of working with epoxy resin adds an extra layer of engagement, encouraging participants to embrace their creativity and develop a deeper connection with their artwork.

"Pour Your Own Epoxy" franchises allow the focus on craftsmanship and functional art. While traditional pain tand sips center around crafting decorative pieces, our franchises embrace the versatility of epoxy resin by offering workshops that allow participants to craft functional art. This approach provides participants with personalized and usable masterpieces.

Low Overhead Costs

Unlike traditional brick and mortar businesses, our franchise model encourages you to operate without the burden of physical storefront, significantly reducing your initial investment and operational expenses.


Owning a "Pour Your Own Epoxy" franchise grants you the freedom to choose the locations and schedule for your workshops. You can adapt to the demand and preferences of your target market. This flexibility enables you to optimize your time and resources while minimizing overhead expenses.

Everlasting Customer Experience

“What a wonderful and fun class, your love for creativity shines through you. Thank you for coming to Peshtigo and all your work to make this class happen” - Cindy S & Laurie B

At Pour Your Own Epoxy, our most integral and core company value is making sure every customer leaves with an exceptional customer experience that is everlasting. Our franchises are built on the foundation of customer satisfaction and the need to exceed expectations at every touchpoint.

Our proven strategies and training will provide you with the tool needed to be able to handle all levels of customer support and excellence with the highest confidence.

Environmental Awareness

At Pour Your Own Epoxy our commitment is centered around sustainability and responsible sourcing. At our workshops, we take pride in using wood exclusively from dead, storm-damaged or dying trees, ensuring that every piece of art created contributes to environmental conservation efforts.